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Ando Glaso Gypsy Music Short Course

Sat 14 September 2019

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Ando Glaso is inviting musicians to join a unique month long short course of traditional Gypsy music. Each weekend participants will meet different tutors showing them various dialects of this colourful tradition, including Transylvanian, Romanian, Hungarian and Polish styles. All the tutors are authentic players from Glasgow’s vibrant Roma communities, who will introduce participants to this diverse and intricate genre. You will learn new tunes and stylistic elements that will allow you to have a deeper understanding of Gypsy music.

This course is suitable for more advanced players. Lessons will be delivered in mixed instrument classes that will be suitable for most instruments, such as violin, accordion, guitar, bass, keys, etc. However there are some exceptions such as percussion, tin whistle, etc.

Please contact us before booking if you are not sure about your instrument/level. We will do our best to accommodate everyone! If you can't attend all the dates a reduced fee can be arranged. Email


Ando Glaso are a charity led by the Roma community. Their mission is to help Roma people nurture their own culture and talent, opening up avenues for education, up-skilling, employment, confidence-building and supporting active citizenship while living in Scotland.

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5pm - 7pm, £60 for 4 week course via Eventbrite, Clubroom
All ages
Book online / 0141 352 4900