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GZF Big Gold Dream + Q&A with Director Grant McPhee and Special Guests

Sat 29 April 2017

Big Gold Dreams

Glasgow Zine Fest are pleased to present a special screening of Big Gold Dream, followed by an exclusive Q+A with Director Grant McPhee and special guests.

Big Gold Dream is the everyday story of how a group of disaffected youth in search of the only fun in town went on to change the world.

High on theory and with only cheek, cheek-bones and cheap guitars to get them through between dole cheques, they took a set of hand-me-down reference points plundered from books, TV and subtitled films, created a scene and transformed it into ART.

As was typical of the times, entryism was in and subversion was from within, but like all great movements, it was never going to last.

Except everything you hear today, tomorrow and knocked into the middle of next week started here.

Indie-Disco, Art-Rock and Difficult Fun are all in the mix.

Big Gold Dream is as much about Now as Then.

Sound and Vision are everything.

Welcome to the Future.

This is Big Gold Dream.

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<p><a href="">Big Gold Dream - Post Punk and Infiltrating the Mainstream. EIFF Promo</a> from <a href="">grant mcphee</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>




2.30pm (2pm), £3 + £1 booking fee, Cinema
Book online / 0141 352 4900