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The Village Storytelling Festival

#HELD(IN) - translation #HERO(INE)

Fri 8 July 2022

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Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

A head lit in profile looking serene, lit in purple and blue. With a gold sci-fi ornamentation beside their face.

Image credit. The artist

Ferhat Kaplan, Tania Christina and Robbie Wallin, Storytellers | Marjolein Frijling, Director

Demigods who eat their children. Titans born from a testicle. Women who throw their son off the mountain, because… too ugly. Freaky snakes crawling out of heads. And a supreme god who regularly transforms into a bull in order to seduce young girls.

However bizarre and incomprehensible they seem, the Greek myths are still incredibly influential today. Held(in) is an energetic whirlwind of fat beats, absurd stories and special outpourings. By sharing their favorite Greek myths and personal stories, the performers take you on a quest for what true heroes are. In a compelling final phase, a lawsuit is filed against Zeus. Ultimately, the public decides what to do with this Supreme God in 2022. Will he keep his hero status or fall off his pedestal?

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6:45pm — 7:45pm




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Wheelchair accessible

Tickets no longer available