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RCS: Into the New 2024

Hope Kennedy: dance for me/with me

Fri 16 February — Sat 17 February 2024

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Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

A collage depicts a sea, with rainclouds scattered across the sky. A person in a yellow jacket sits on a cardboard boat.

Image credit. Hope Kennedy

The girl has been here for a very long time, floating on a tiny boat in the middle of the sea. And now, the boat is sinking. When a new friend appears from nowhere, the girl begins to wonder if she was ever truly alone. As they care for and comfort each other in what may be their final hours, the new-found friends do the only thing you can do when you are running out of time: dance.

All told from the confines of a sinking cardboard boat, dance for me/with me is a somehow familiar dreamscape that will float and bob you along in your seat. A melancholic tale of two friends trying to understand their place in the midst of a wide wide sea. A journey of touch, longing, loneliness and the desire to live fully and wholly: this contemporary theatre piece will leave you with a slow sinking feeling in your belly, but not without hope.

Created and performed by Hope Kennedy.

Hope Kennedy

Hope Kennedy is a performer, facilitator and director, born and bred in Fife, Scotland. An interdisciplinary artist whose work centres around devised movement and text practice, with a focus on lived experience, womanhood, rage and elation – she creates patchwork stories made up of her own history, overheard conversation, lists and found text.

Hope is a collaborative artist at heart, who loves playing and experimenting with different methods of creating with a collective. The core of Hope’s work revolves around emotive and character led storylines, in a bid to create intricate and enveloping worlds that invite audiences to reminisce and recollect their own joy.

Into the New 2024

dance for me/with me is part of Into the New 2024, a festival of contemporary performance made in Glasgow. Into the New showcases work by the final year BA (Hons) Contemporary Performance Practice students from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

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16/02/2024 3:45 - 4:15 pm
17/02/2024 4:45 - 5:15 pm




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