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Gemma Jones

Hosting Stillness

Wed 11 May — Sat 14 May 2022

English subtitling

Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Relaxed event

Relaxed event

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Hosting Stillness

Hosting Stillness is a performance project that looks at the absence and presence of the un-abled artist’s body. The idea behind this work is to explore the magical forms of the minor gesture in response to time, site, audience and its relationship to themes within care, ableism and posthumanism. The notion behind the minimal form aims to look at vulnerability as a radical act and performatively celebrate limitations within the body.

The exhibition at the Intermedia Gallery at the CCA will mark the beginning of the three-month-long The Performance Café artist network, which will see Jones create and lead a peer support group for both un-abled and abled artists.

Performances and exhibition

The exhibition surrounding the performance will act as evidence of the development of the project and will include a video of a discussion between artist and curator as well as a publication, which will note the score of the performance and creative writings by the artist.

Exhibition/performance timings:

Wed 11/05: soft opening 6 - 8 pm

Thu 12/05: performance between 12 - 1 pm

Fri 13/05: performance between 5 - 6 pm

Sat 14/05: performance between 3 - 4 pm

The space will be open to the public from Thursday 12/05 to Saturday 14/05 between 12pm and 6 pm.

For further information on the project, please visit

Curated by Natalie Nicolaides

Supported by Martina Morger




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2:00pm — 6:00pm

Doors open: 12:00pm




Free and unticketed


English subtitling

Wheelchair accessible

Relaxed event

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