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Intermedia x Common Ground Festival

Seif Eddine Jlassi & Mousa AlNana: HOW IF WHEN:

Fri 7 June — Sat 22 June 2024

Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

A collage of images, some photographic and some hand-drawn and painted.


Part of Common Ground Festival, HOW IF WHEN: is a show inspired by the "New Syria" project, a collection of artworks that was born from the creative expressions of children living in a refugee camp. These drawings offered glimpses into their vision of the new Syria after the war and how they would imagine or remember home through simple drawings. The results were a collection of captivating and spontaneous artworks, which were showcased at various locations around the world.

Building upon the inspiration drawn from these artworks and the living situation of the children in the camp, we have crafted an experience that recreates the feel of the camp contrasted with a display of the children's artworks. By incorporating found objects and materials commonly seen in these environments, we have constructed the room to authentically capture the roughness endured by the children with a space for lightness coming through the children's drawings.

Through this experience, we invite the audience to engage actively by drawing and utilizing the provided materials to contribute their own visions to the wall, becoming integral parts of the exhibition as they observe the existing art. This participatory element aims to explore and showcase the diverse reactions of individuals across different ages and backgrounds to the environment, ultimately influencing the collective impact of the exhibition.


Join us for the opening Thursday 6 June 7-9pm as part of Glasgow International.

Seif Eddine Jlassi

Seif Eddine Jlassi is an artist and cultural activist graduated from the Higher Institute of Fine Arts Tunisia and researcher at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts. Since 2015, he has been a member of the United Nations Youth Advisory Council. He is a certificated trainer in cultural management, new tactics of Human rights, and advocacy. In 2011, he Founded in Tunisia “Fanni Raghman Anni”, a cultural organization that is working to advocate access to culture mainly in interior and disadvantaged areas and promote the role of culture in social change. He received different awards such as the UNV Award for best volunteering work in the Arab region in 2014, and the Takreem Award for cultural excellence in the Arab region in 2016. He is the director of different theatre plays such as WC, Zamaken, Gantra and Getlouh.

Mousa AlNana

Born in Homs, Syria and currently based in Glasgow, Scotland, Mousa AlNana’s artistic journey began at a young age. After graduating from Sobhi Shoieb Art Centre in Homs, he pursued further education in fine arts at Damascus University and later obtained a master's degree from Glasgow School of Art.

When experiencing Mousa AlNana's artwork, you'll encounter the essence of humanity, portrayed through a spectrum of emotions and vulnerability. This intimate portrayal exists beneath the textured surfaces and intricate lines. Through his fusion of collage techniques and a monochromatic palette, Mousa encapsulates the human spirit within the composition of figures and space.

His artistic pursuits span various mediums, including painting, printmaking, graphic design and tattooing. Additionally, Mousa engages as a participatory artist, collaborating with diverse communities and groups. He participated in various projects and exhibitions across Syria, Egypt, Europe, and the UK. Mousa AlNana believes in the transformative power of art in driving revolutions and fostering social change. He aspires to use his art and personal narrative to leave an indelible mark and effect meaningful change.

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