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The CineSkinny Film Club

I Hired a Contract Killer

Wed 17 January 2024

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A couple sitting at a table in a pub with several empty glasses and a pint of stout on the table.

Still from I Hired a Contract Killer

Inspired by MUBI’s release of Fallen Leaves, the much-anticipated new film from legendary Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki, in December, The CineSkinny Film Club are going back to one of Kaurismäki’s best films for our January screening, I Hired a Contract Killer.

French New Wave hero Jean-Pierre Léaud stars as Henri Boulanger, a Frenchman living a drab and lonely life in London. When he’s fired from his desk job, he decides there is nothing left to live for. Henri has a bit of trouble ending his life himself, however, so he hires a professional to do the job for him.

While waiting for the killer to do the deed, however, Henri makes the mistake of tasting the sweet nectar of whisky for the first time, and then he meets a wonderful woman whom he promptly falls in love with. His life suddenly has colour, but will he be able to cancel the hit?

This 1990 feature saw Kaurismäki venturing to work in the UK for the first time and to date it's his only English-language feature. He makes expressive use of the capital, creating a noirish work that’s perfect for his Kafkaesque story. As ever with Kaurismäki, rock-n-roll runs through the film and there’s a delightful cameo from punk icon Joe Strummer.

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