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IberoDocs Short Films (+Q&A)

Sat 9 April 2022

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English subtitling

Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

A woman in a red coat on a deserted beach. There is a wide expanse of sand with an island in the horizon.

IberoDocs2022 / Isabel's Independence

Spanish Edinburgh-based filmmakers Inma de Reyes and Nelisa Alcalde have joined the IberoDocs 2022 programming team to curate a series of shorts around their work Isabel’s Independence. To know more about the short filmmaking process join us for a Q&A after the screenings.

Isabel's Independence / La independencia de Isabel

Isabel (58) migrates to Edinburgh looking for a new opportunity. After her business in Spain collapsed following years of financial crisis, she left her husband behind with one goal in mind: saving enough money to recover. However, she did not count on so many obstacles: Brexit, the COVID-19 pandemic, her language barrier and a growing joint and muscle pain caused by her physical jobs. She cleans in the mornings and delivers in the evenings, and when she gets home she has five hours to sleep. Isabel wants to be part of the Scottish culture but how can she when she has no time to learn English, no time to socialise and when her body aches so much at the end of the day?

Extra / Figurante

After the crisis of 2008, Socorro Arenas began his career as an extra with the dream of becoming an actor one day. 12 years later, at 61, Socorro is still pursuing his dream. Through him, 'Extra' pays tribute to all the nameless and faceless people who have been part of the history of cinema since its beginnings, and who make movies as magical as the first day.


On November 19 of 1980, a baby orca was captured in Icelandic sea. They named him Ulisses. He began his captivity in a water park in Tarragona and became one of the stars of the Barcelona Zoo for more than 10 years. Finally, in 1994, he was transferred to the Sea Word in San Diego (USA), where Ulisses continues to spin around in a pool. This is the story of his odyssey.

La Bestia - Train of the Unknowns

In 'Casa del Migrante' in Huehutoca, a suburb of Mexico City, refugees find a safe abode. At least for two days. Then they must go on with their journey towards the USA in freight train carriages, which everyone here just calls 'La Bestia', the beast.

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