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IberoDocs Artemio & Sanã

Sat 5 May 2018


Sanã: In the Lençóis Island, located in the state of Maranhão (Brazil), Sanã, an albino boy, lives surrounded by land in all parties. In an environment with many dunes and virtually no shade, he has nowhere to escape. A small body lost in the immensity of the place, which almost mimics the white landscape it inhabits. The ponds fill and dry according to the seasons. The tides moving throughout the day. The transience. The sun, the wind, the sand … Sanã explores this microcosm, and there builds its private universe. The boy and the landscape. Life exposed to sun and wind.

Artemio: Artemio was born in U.S.A. Now he lives in a small town in Guerrero with his mother and his new family. Despite his roots are in Mexico, he still doesn’t feel like a part of it. Together, they will show us a reality where the distance from those they left behind will come to life in every phone call.

Director Sandra Luz López Barroso will be with us for a Skype Q&A after the film.

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