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Arieh Frosh and Jay Delves: On water, sculled, quiet

Fri 26 May — Sun 18 June 2017

Arieh Frosh and Jay Delves

On water, sculled, quiet is a coming together of two projects that take bodies of water as their starting points, from synchronised swimming to spiritual cleansing - the regulatory, the performative, the geography of both.

Over the past year, Jay has been working directly with Edinburgh Synchronised Swimming Club in an attempt to demystify the hybrid swim-come-dance sport.

As a competitive performance sport, regulations and syllabus form strict presentation ideals that predominantly emphasise technique; Jay is interested in displacing this through a performative shift.

Jay will present her initial explorations by focusing on the aesthetics of movement and the semiotic relationships that form through the sport. By extracting the performers from the conventional pursuits of synchronised swimming, she aims to generate a choreographic translation and decoding.

Using a combination of sourced and fictionalised writing, Arieh has put together a text that theorises spiritual cleansing pools and leisure facilities in Glasgow.

By presenting this alongside sculptural and other visual material, Arieh aims to establish an examination of these semi-theoretical spaces and their extended social and geographical environments. Although an overview is sought, the work will be presented as components, necessitating a relational reading from within.

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