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Beyond Epilepsy

Thu 9 June — Sun 19 June 2016

Beyond Epilepsy

Beyond Epilepsy will present the challenges faced by people with epilepsy and the role society plays in overcoming these challenges. Do you know what causes a seizure? What it feels like? How it effects people's lives?

Throughout history, people with epilepsy have faced severe stigma largely due to poor understanding of this complex and variable condition. Even in the present day, many misconceptions surrounding epilepsy may lead people to hide their condition from employers and friends, and struggle to be believed in order to get access to medication or neurological testing.

Beyond Epilepsy looks at responses of society to the phenomenon of convulsions from the Greeks to the present day, and what lies in the future for people with epilepsy. It presents the changing position of people with epilepsy in society over time and aims to challenge current misconceptions and stigma.

Beyond Epilepsy is part of Glasgow Science Festival 2016. With contributions from Scottish-based artists Moyra Campbell, Margaret Mitchell, Siobhan Scott, Gemma Travers, Sharon Thomas and Olivia Vitazkova, and historians Rachel Hewitt, Simon Walker, Jennifer Farquharson and Axelle Champion

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