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Christopher MacInnes

Retina Gothic

Fri 22 January — Fri 5 February 2016

Christopher MacInnes

we refuse eeeentropeeee !

This is a slow dive below the retinoid surface of the corporate web. Beyond the hyper-texture is a

landscape of server

clusters, patch bays and mineral coolants succumbing to the gradual pull of heavy metals back to

nature. Right now

we’re suspended on hard drives, who needs decay when you can copy-paste?

For the time being we’ll let ourselves be placated by this easy idea of the future while

the super-physical infrastructure

beneath our heavy cloud rolls towards the hard limit of material scarcity.


A slow dive beneath the glossy artifice of the techno-corporate infrastructure, Retina Gothic is a multi-channel video installation of computer-generated animation by artist Christopher MacInnes. Exploring concepts of entropy and hardware decay the exhibition draws parallels between our infinitely expanding online environment and our rapidly dwindling material resources.

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