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Francesca Hawker & David Haslam: If you find errors in schema

Fri 6 January — Sat 21 January 2017

Francesca Hawker & David Haslam

Schema (ske' ma,) n. a synopsis, outline, diagram; proposed arrangement; conception of what is common to all members of a class; a kind of standard which the mind forms from past experiences, and by which new experiences can be evaluated to a certain extent.

a) a long long microphone cord is a long long way to go to ask you to listen and grin. Scripts aren't just for scanning two days before and pretending you never learnt them alone. It's hard to fill the room when I'm not there but I can hear some parts through walls and they're bright options, clinging to their trellises.

b) a changing display of images relating to a natural landform, presented via slide projector, the content of the images is simultaneously under study alongside the images themselves, and one’s direct experience of actually viewing them.

If you find errors in schema presents two complementary works which investigate the relationship between the reference and the ‘real deal'. The works reflect upon our understanding of what things are and stuff is, and how we interact with these concepts. If you find errors in schema will culminate in a 'sometimes discussion' to explore the ideas behind and during and underneath the show.

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