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Creative Lab Residency

Haider Al-Shybani

Mon 4 February — Fri 15 February 2019

Haider Al-Shybani

As mundane notions of time are perpetuated in 'our' post-modern world, as the drone of Euro- American cultural hegemony flattens introspection and dims our processes of reflection; perhaps it is through concealed meanings that we can shift our participation in the before, the now and the after.

As part of an ongoing investigation into the ways in which we experience sound and image, Haider Al-Shybani will be undertaking a two week residency at the Creative Lab. This work draws on the techniques of early dub pioneer Osbourne Ruddock, the creations of Halim El-Dabh and the maqam as sung by Farida Mohammed. Greatly influenced by the writing of John Dos Passos's, Jacques Derrida and Mark Fisher; the artist searches for other ways of putting things together or, leaving them apart. It is through these processes, which are in direct conflict to the Eurocentric framework, that we may reclaim and resurrect lost identities, lost perspectives and subsequently forgotten futures

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