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Rebecca Howard: There is no visible route to the vanishing point

Sat 28 October — Sat 18 November 2017

Rebecca Howard

There is no visible route to the vanishing point is an exhibition centred around the production of a science-fiction film exploring the occurrence of meta-physical events induced by a series of everyday objects. The work focuses on potential events beyond the realms of visual or linguistic explanation, using the tropes of the sci-fi genre to give animation to events and ideas beyond the visible and giving the notion that everyday objects have the ability to behave beyond their static function.

‘The Objects’, which are represented through a series of sculptural works, become the central characters of the film and their story is told from the perspective of the room they are located within.

Accessibility note: The exhibition will feature a video projection and so there will be low lighting and loud noises in parts. CCA's full accessibility statement can be found here.

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