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YAKA Collective: White Mountain

Fri 11 December — Wed 6 January 2016

YAKA Collective: White Mountain

YAKA Collective invites you to venture into the uncharted territories of White Mountain. By creating a gateway to this mysterious place, we hope to demystify the legends of old so that its organisms and properties may be discovered once again. The phenomenon of White Mountain emerged from a reconnaissance mission to ‘Black Hole’ that was undertaken at Glasgow Project Room in October 2015.

In this collaborative installation, we work with the physical characteristics of the exhibition space to question real and imagined states. With emphasis on making, material qualities and play, this immersive environment infuses recognisable terrains with a warped perspective – resulting in an absurd manifestation of imagined forms. Peering through the skewed lens, objects are distorted and the boundaries between interior and exterior become blurred. Ultimately, finding quite familiar ground - the mountain may be forever out of reach.

YAKA Collective is a group of seven artists based in Glasgow, who work towards creating and curating exhibitions that focus on sculptural installations with a preference for visual and spatial impact, a sense of ‘otherness’ and responding to both traditional and unconventional spaces.

White Mountain is kindly supported by CCA Glasgow and Hope Scott Trust.

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