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John Butler & Lina Theodorou

J.I. (Jellyfish Intelligence)

Thu 21 July 2022

Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

A digital render of 3 figures, a young person in a yellow jumpsuit is flanked by two older men in sci-fi costumes.

Dr. Korelia Delv, flanked by Dorayn_K and Dr. Fuller in front of a photoprotein reaction.

J.I. (Jellyfish Intelligence) is an ecological science fiction film by John Butler and Lina Theodorou.

The widespread use of undersea server farms in the Mediterranean has led to an exponential growth in the jellyfish population, who are being mutated by contact with humanity's aggregate consciousness.

The data dependent society is momentarily destabilized as the jellyfish mutate into a biological quantum computer, a composite entity known as the J.I.( Jellyfish Intelligence).

Investigations by design scientist Dr. Fuller and biologist Dr. Korelia Delv reveal that the J.I. possesses the secret of biological immortality.

Eventually, this phenomenon influences all of society, transforming the economy and remodelling human behaviour.

Ethics, Technology and Capital collide as leading Transhumanist 'Dorayn_K' seeks to exploit the 'gift of life'.

Attendees are invited to join the filmmakers at the bar for a drink following the screening.




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Wheelchair accessible