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Joan Eardley

Joan Eardley - An Exhibition at Third Eye Centre

Tue 1 April — Wed 30 April 1975

A scan from a catalog, there are 2 graphite drawings and 1 painting, all of a pair of school age Glasgwegian siblings.

"Joan Eardley: An Exhibition at Third Eye Centre"

"When she so wished, you might almost say that Eardley could filter the subject on the spot, so that what eventuated was not just an inspired sketch ... but a telling composition"

- Cordelia Oliver

This 1975 retrospective on the work of Joan Eardley (1921 - 1963), focused on work she produced between the 40s and 50s during her time in Glasgow and the subsequent years working and living on the East Coast of Scotland.

The show featured both paintings and drawings, demonstrating her versatility as an artist and the variety of approaches to her subjects. Best known today for her striking portraits of Glasgwegian street children, the show also showed her later work including many heavily abstracted renditions of the Kincardineshire landscape.




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