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John Nicols presents Cedric Tai presenting Indirectly, Yours

Sat 6 July — Fri 26 July 2013

Indirectly, Yours

Indirectly, Yours is a painting show turned into a single installation. The paintings by Tai are interventions of the actual palettes of other local painters to create a sort of portrait of that particular painter's work and personality. To tease out the language of each artist is to embody their mindset and focus and to go back to consider the dried paint anew is to see a compression of all of the paintings that also could have existed.

The final installation is determined by John Nicol who has also been given complete creative control over the objects, which can be altered in any way he likes. John was chosen as his installations and sculptural works focus on preciousness as a problem and he responds to it in a playful way. His past works have tended to involve found objects and commonplace materials, where this show will push his sensibilities when deconstructing another person's work in a completely different vein of intuition.

Indirectly, Yours will be the first part of a joint curatorial project that will culminate with an exhibition in the summer of 2015, where John Nicol and Cedric Tai plan to bring the work of Glasgow-based artists to Detroit, Michigan for the first time.

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