Journal Launch: Art Writing, Paraliterature & Intrepid Forms of Practice published by Intellect

Thu 22 November 2018

Journal Launch 2sk6

Rescheduled launch of special issue of the Journal of Writing in Creative Practice, edited by Susannah Thompson and Laura Edbrook. Live readings, performances and presentations from contributing authors

Published earlier in 2018, ‘Art Writing, Paraliterature & Intrepid Forms of Practice’ focuses on the field and form of art writing and features creative-critical contributions from Katrina Palmer, Laurence Figgis, Gillian Wylde, Joanne Tatham, Lindsay Seers and M. Anthony Penwell, Elizabeth Reeder, Amanda Thomson, Laura Edbrook and Susannah Thompson.

The journal represents a multiplicity of attitudes and breadth of approaches by practitioners working within or in close proximity to visual art. As a collection, the texts exemplify the mutability of ‘writing in creative practice’ as it exists in relation to art and the art world. The speculative, performative and material forms of writing evidence the deployment of willfully undisciplined and de-instrumentalised practices of contemporary criticism and alternative academic ecologies.




6:30pm, Free (unticketed), Clubroom
All ages
0141 352 4900