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Creative Lab Residency

Julia Carolin Kothe & Lisa Fabian

Mon 16 January — Wed 8 February 2023

A black and white photo of a microphone and laptop sat in front of a computer screen displaying distorted glitchy images

Image courtesy of the artists

Two voices

reverberating at their fullest and loudest until they break and deteriorate

growing from whisper to hum

blending and merging until faded

in an empty space with a murmuring box

on a blank sheet of paper

We talk about the archive as a means of dialogue between us, the past and the present, as a source of inspiration and material for new works that overlap and inform each other. We talk about sound extending or restricting the limits of our bodies. About the compassion and care listening holds (cf. Brandon LaBelle, Sonic Agency, 2020). About the value of experimental sound and improvisation. We are interested in the spatial atmospheres that sound can create — the fragmentary overlays of sound, images, text and the glitches in-between. We speak of atmospheres consisting of ambivalences, episodes constructed from memories, emotions, relationships, and the ordinary.

Coming from visual backgrounds, we accumulated a joint body of work that includes experiments related to the medium of sound and moving image. While processing a wide range of visual and acoustic material, we compiled a trial-and-error archive including electronically generated noise, tones and sine waves that we created through experiments with our voices and the use of synthesizers. Our collaborative work draws on the (un)catalogued material from the CCA and Third Eye Centre archives, including various forms of audio recording such as radio interviews, sound works, shaky camera tests and unintentionally recorded material. The archival sources both serve as a source of material and as a prompt for shaping our collaboration.

Lisa Fabian

Lisa Fabian (born in Berlin, DE) is a Glasgow based artist whose practice is centered around sound, video, performance, writing and voice. Her work often has an experimental, process focused and research-based approach. In her practice she explores the fragmentation and reassembly of narrative through the layering, juxtaposition and re-transcription of source materials. Sources stem from personal lived experiences including field recordings, writing, live elements, and explorations of electronic music processes and her voice. A growing library of fragments, experiments and samples is drawn from like an instrument and used to contemplate and carefully layer temporary and improvised experiences. Collaboration, experimentation and storytelling are key elements in her practice.

Most recent work was shown at: The Poetry Club (Glasgow), Globe Gallery (Berlin), The House of Bell Street (Glasgow), The Briggait (Glasgow), Hoxton 253 (London), Keep in touch Gallery (Seoul), CCA - Centre of Contemporary Arts (Glasgow), and Glasgow Project Room (Glasgow) amongst others. Recent residencies include CCA Creative Lab Glasgow (2023), Countdown Grabowsee Berlin (2022), Countdown Grabowsee Berlin (2021). Lisa Fabian graduated from the Glasgow School of Art.

Yulia | Julia Carolin Kothe aka JCK

Yulia | Julia Carolin Kothe aka JCK (born in Gießen, DE) is a visual artist based between Glasgow and Frankfurt am Main. She completed two Master's degrees in sculpture with distinction at the Glasgow School of Art and Kunsthochschule Mainz, respectively. She is a studio holder at the Glasgow Sculpture Studios.

JCK works at the intersection of sculpture, installation, sound, text and performance. In her site-specific installations and spatial interventions, she explores the connections, discrepancies and tensions of temporal and spatial settings that incorporate elements of personal and collective memory, intersectional feminist theory and archival material. She is interested in relationships that materialise in spaces and in-between bodies, for instance between the physical and the digital, the human and the non-human, and the glitches that emerge between experience, memory, reality and fiction. Yulia (the sonic and performative echo of JCK) is curious about collaborative ways of working that lead to radio episodes, sound works, texts and publications on both physical and digital platforms.

Recent works have been shown at French Street (Glasgow), Rosa Stern (Munich), Kunsthalle Mainz (Mainz), Queens Street Studios (Belfast), POKY – Institute of Contemporary Art (Mainz), Atletika Gallery (Vilnius), mañana bold (Offenbach a.M.), Frankfurter Kunstverein (Frankfurt a.M.), among others. She has participated in a number of residencies, including the ArtNature/NatureArt Residency of the Crespo Foundation (Frankfurt a.M. / West Cork, 2023), CCA Creative Lab Glasgow (2023), the Hospitalfield Graduate Programme (Arbroath, 2021/22) and is a fellow of the Stiftung Kunstfonds (working grant, Bonn, 2022/23).

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