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Katherine MacBride Exhibition tours with BSL interpretation

Sat 16 March 2019

Katherine MacBride

Due to the bad weather, there won't be BSL interpretation for the tours. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Join us for a tour of Katherine MacBride's having been breathed out / patriarchy over and out, with BSL interpretation by Karen Forbes.

The 10am tour takes place prior to the exhibition opening to the public at 11am; the gallery will be quieter during this time.

Katherine MacBride’s work explores different forms of hospitality, thinking about how listening and attentiveness can happen in conflicted spaces and times. While Katherine’s interests focus on relational entanglements, listening across difference, and working creatively towards an ethics of inseparability and interdependency, the work also poses questions about the space of its host institution CCA; how it can think and host differently.

She is interested in how the structures of CCA can offer different modes for interpreting and accessing artworks, beyond pieces of paper or wall texts – how the work can involve itself in more material ways of speaking and performing. This new exhibition brings together a series of large-scale textiles – using a range of fabrics and forms which support different sensory capacities – installed as spaces for encounter, response, and rest: soft and tactile architectures, day beds, quiet acoustic interventions.

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