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Kathrin Böhm / Bottle of Ginger
What is Ginger? The Many Ways to Name Something

Wed 22 February 2017

Ginger can be juice, scoosh, pop, fizz, soda, beer...

Equivalently, someone who has changed their geographic location can be a guest, family, an explorer, a refugee, a migrant.
Nonetheless the current political climate welcomes the simplification of linguistic complexity when we talk about who is “from here” and who isn’t.

Kathrin Böhm of London-based Company Drinks will be collaborating with Glasgow's Bottle of Ginger. Both projects are based in the East End of their respective cities, within communities with a rich industrial heritage, manufacturing tradition and longstanding history of communities in flux.

The collaboration will see a series of beakers and drinks addressing the politics of naming and the local, and will be in use in cafes and bars as part of CCA's public engagement programme.

This event is supported by Goethe-Institut Glasgow.