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Lapidus Scotland GREAT Grief: Grieving the State of Our World

Sat 12 October 2019

Ted Bowman

Join a public talk with Ted Bowman followed by an open mic with poetry, stories and songs.

"Only recently in my long career as a grief educator have I heard, often at the end of a session addressing personal losses, someone to speak first timidly but with growing strength that they do not stay awake in the middle of the night or perseverate during the day about their personal loss. Rather, the grief that threatens their emotional well-being and resiliency is the state of the world. And this has happened too often for me to not notice. A writer in The Guardian, called this the 'Great Grief — a feeling that rises in us as if from the Earth itself."

In this event, perspectives about and tools of response to 'great griefs' will be presented and discussed. Ted Bowman is a grief educator / writer who specialises in change and transition in families, an organisation, or communities. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota but travels to the UK where he works with Lapidus Scotland trainers.

The evening will end with an hour of Open Mic sharing stories, poems and songs relevant to the GREAT Grief. If you would like to contribute please email - maximum length 3 to 5 minutes.




7pm, Free but ticketed via Eventbrite, Clubroom
Book online / 0141 352 4900