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Tim Murray-Browne

LATENT VOYAGE: Navigating AI landscapes with the body

Fri 28 January 2022

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Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Relaxed event

Relaxed event

An abstract image rendered by an AI created by Tim Murray-Browne's Latent Voyage artwork.

Image: Extract from Latent Voyage by Tim Murray-Browne

LATENT VOYAGE is an interactive installation that uses AI to transform the pose of your body into sound and image.

You are invited to navigate through the hallucinatory landscapes of a generative AI system by following the intuitions of the body. This is a public sharing of work-in-progress.

Tim Murray-Browne is a Glasgow-based artist and creative coder. His work explores how our interactions with machines limit our capacity to be human. LATENT VOYAGE speculates on alternative modes of human-computer interaction based in resonance and embodied sensation rather than manipulation and abstract reasoning. It builds on collaborative research with AI researcher and artist Panagiotis Tigas. Funded by Creative Scotland, produced by Feral with support from Preverbal.

Accessibility note

As visuals are rendered interactively through experimental technology, there is a very small chance of flashing lights or sudden loud noises. Participation relies on movement of your body. The sensing technology we use should respond to all body types, and to those in wheelchairs, although it is work-in-progress and we haven't tested this firsthand.




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4:00pm — 9:00pm


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Wheelchair accessible

Relaxed event

Tickets no longer available

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Free but ticketed. Drop-ins are also welcome but priority will be given to those with tickets. Tickets available for 30 minute slots from 4pm - 9pm.