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Glasgow Short Film Festival

Lebanese Focus: Trapped

Fri 24 March 2023

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Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Man walking on high structure to reach crane. Large city skyline in the background.


Curated and presented by Nicolas Khabbaz, from Beirut Shorts, this programme delves into the underlying issues that challenge the country, exposing the failures of the current social and political order to protect the basic rights of its people.

Throughout history, the people of Lebanon have struggled to find common ground and live in harmony amidst their diverse social, religious, economic and cultural backgrounds. This country of “opposites” is in a constant search for its identity, reflecting the delicate balance between its various factions.

Beirut Shorts’ two-programme Lebanese focus at GSFF23 sheds light on the complex, dialectic relationship between the cause and effect of greed, violence, destruction and the determined fate of the country.

Trapped deals with the pressures of social constructs and norms, and the structures that constrain its characters. Exploring family dynamics and personal identity, these films try to find paths to different forms of freedom. Including Sundance 2022 award winner Warsha.

This programme is curated and presented by Nicolas Khabbaz from Beirut Shorts, who will be present alongside Warsha director Dania Bdeir.

After the screening, join us in CCA Theatre for a live music and dance performance by Khansa, the lead in Warsha.

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Wheelchair accessible

Tickets no longer available