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MAP presents:
Like An Angel Passing Through My Room

Tue 24 September 2019

J: What time is it? Need to…
A-M: Half-past five.
J: Oh right, I think Kati has to swap the battery. Do you want to keep on talking?
A-M: Do you feel like you’ve asked all your questions?

Jude Browning and Anne-Marie Copestake first met through an arranged ‘interview’ coordinated by MAP in May 2019. Their discussion centered around Copestake’s solo exhibition at The Cooper Gallery in Dundee, processes of working, and the role of the everyday in their art practices.

MAP brings the artists together again to host an event which shares material selected from the LUX archive and new work in response to this ongoing discussion. Working together and independently, the artists consider how different types of material leave remnants of a person's presence, for example, a song in a DJ-set, the tone of address in a personal letter, the quality of light at a time of year, an article of clothing as a stylised performance of self.