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Lillian Ross-Millard Future Gestures

Fri 13 March 2020

Lillian Ross-Millard

Climate change. Zombies. Paying the rent at the end of the month. How do our anxieties about the future—whether imminently catastrophic, fantastical or mundane—play out in our bodies? Do we carry traces of these vivid daydreams in our physical movements? Is the way we move a direct product of the future?

FUTURE GESTURES is a series of physical workshops designed to assess contemporary mentalities towards the future.

Participants are invited to actively take part in an art project developed by artist Lillian Ross-Millard by attending a 4-hour long workshop where she will lead them through a series of exercises. Those attending can expect a physical warm-up, writing exercises, and a method of aleatory choreography developed by the artist herself. Breaks will be scheduled.

Drawing on methods from the artist’s physically-devised creation, the workshop module is designed to help participants realise the ways in which they might physically anticipate the occurrence of future events in the short and long-term by using the information and experience stored in our bodies.

Through a variety of writing and physical exercises, each participant can produce a sequence of gestures. By the end of the workshop, each participant will have developed a short, choreographed sequence, which will serve as a consolidated physical expression of their emotional experience of their future.

Each participant is invited to have their gesture documented, contributing to a visual database that will be presented as a conceptual moving image work.


Please get in touch with the workshop leader by email ( if you have specific access requirements. The workshop model is fluid and adaptable to disabilities.

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