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Liquid Lips : Open Mic Night

Sat 24 September 2022

Relaxed event

Relaxed event

Wet lips pressed against glass.

Liquid Lips

Pour out your poems and find your fluidity at the wettest open mic night in Glasgow.

Together we can share our stories, songs, texts and more all about water. It takes many drops to form a body of water so let's celebrate, laugh, cry, learn and confess all together.

If that's not enough for you then wet your lips for some karaoke afterwards! Sing your heart to the soppiest and soggiest watery anthems.

Water you waiting for?

A gathering reading and sharing of poetry, stories, folktales, texts, soundscapes and, songs, related to water, OPEN to ALL to participate.

Hosted by Robert Mills, with proposals by Confluence artists-in-residence Bahaleen, Raymond Gemayel & Youssef El Idrissi as part of the Confluence programme.


Weaving together different territories, stories, and communities, Confluence seeks to reflect on the transformative and generative moments of breakdown; resistances in the water; pirate practices as care; and harbours as sites of both extractive economies and redistributive ecologies. Our entry points are literatures of the sea; inland and fluvial mobility routes carving trades, conflicts and exchanges throughout the Mediterranean and the Sahara; intimate histories and current legacies of colonial administrations of the waters intertwining different territories across seas; as well as coastal and fluvial ecologies in Scotland, Morocco, and beyond. While taking into account contemporary material infrastructures of (im)mobility, Confluence also explores how thinking relationally through water affects our understanding of identities as shifting, various and in-flux.

As part of the first iteration of our ‘school of water’, we invite you to join us for a series of events navigating rivers, dams and other in-land waterscapes as sites where both the politics and poetics of mobility, memory, sound, and landscape trans/formation come to play.

Hosted by CCA Glasgow in collaboration with LE 18 (Marrakech), Confluence is curated by Alaya Ang (CCA Glasgow), Francesca Masoero & Shayma Nader (QANAT) and is supported by the International Collaboration Grant from the British Council.

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Relaxed event