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Lisandro Suriel Jumbee Stories

Sun 20 October 2019

Jumbee Stories

In Jumbee Stories we intuitively make contact with the figures of liminal spaces; spaces that are in between our reality and our intuition. As a session of storytelling Jumbee Stories is both an interpretation and an ode to the shadows that dwell around us. During this session we will attempt to envision those figures we glimpse in the corners of our eyes but can never fully see. We will we paint a picture of an existence both parallel and inherent to ours that we have far too often come to doubt: the Black subconscious. The presence of these ghosts in and of themselves evokes a belief in magic that reinforces the ties to our ancestral memory. Jumbee Stories is an invitation to engage with the imagination to challenge history and rediscover a narrative of self.

This session is part of Lisandro Suriel’s ongoing artistic research project Ghost Island in which he photographically explores an unchartered imagination of the African diaspora. Jumbee Stories is meant to be an interactive session of storytelling. The goal is to create a safe and fun space for the sharing of ghost stories, folktales, history, ancestral memory, and experiences of the spiritual in relation to the African diaspora.

This session of Jumbee Stories is exclusively for POC of all ages.




5.30pm, Free (unticketed), Clubroom / All ages
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