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Body Remedy

Live Listening Session (Opening)

Tue 4 July 2023

Tickets no longer available
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Body Remedy

An intimate gig that participants can experience whilst sitting, reclining, resting or stretching.

You will experience 4 solo performances from Mawaddah Afro-Arab singer & songwriter; Anoushka Nanguy jazz trombonist & vocalist ; Simone Seales cellist and Gillian Katungi artist & director.


  • How much does it cost?
    Classes are FREE, booking is required

  • What to wear?
    Each class is a little different. Information will be sent out to you once you have booked your class.

  • What to bring?
    Bottle of water.

  • What we provide?
    Exercise matts and cleaning station

  • Do you need experience?
    No. Class is open level for black people and people of colour who identify as women and/or non-binary

  • Facing any barriers coming to class?
    If you are facing any financial barriers getting to class or with child care support please send an email to

  • What should you consider?
    Arriving 10minutes early to get settled and help class start on time.

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6:30pm — 8:30pm


14+ accompanied by an adult


Free but ticketed

Tickets no longer available