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Live-to-Air: Aurélie Nyirabikali Lierman/Romy Danielewicz

Tue 22 August 2023

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The torso of a woman wearing a brightly patterned dress kneeling on a carpet with a mixer and a tape recorder.

Aurélie Lierman / Photo c M. Martin

Aurélie Nyirabikali Lierman - Maria, Mariza and maybe Marianna

A kaleidoscope of disembodied voices, field recordings and found sound forged and sculpted into an unearthly sonic narration.

Aurélie Nyirabikali Lierman is a Belgian-Rwandan composer, radio and vocal artist. Pioneer of Afro-European radio art and musical theatre. Her work has been described as bold, provocative and delicate. She brings unique stories to life in an accessible and at the same time innovative way: based on acoustic sounds and soundscapes that she moves around like a kind of 3D cinema, but for the ears. She records all the sound recordings in her work herself during her many field recording expeditions to East-Africa. Just this year she created Umva! an intimate ode to Kanyoni Ladislas, her 113-year-old grandfather and one of the last traditional doctors and hunters in Rwanda.

Romy Danielewicz – A Collection of Miniature Pigs

An experimental work for the radio that utilises sound, text and dream material to unpack how power structures are communicated through unconscious social messages.

The performance critiques the ways in which seemingly innocuous dream images echo patriarchal power structures which underpin violence against minoritized genders (cis and trans women, transmen and non-binary people). This is echoed in the dream material, whereby the figure of a ‘violent, aggressive, unpredictable slow-murder-under-the-surface-seething guy’ makes frequent appearances. ‘A Miniature Collection of Pigs’ explores these hauntings emerging from a stream of (un)consciousness, and how to resist the violences they are a symptom of.

Romy Danielewicz is an artist whose practice currently encompasses writing, performance and improvised music. Romy is interested in various forms of non-conformity, specifically how to resist and divest from normative forms of sociality under capitalism. They are very slowly working, and often not working, on a debut novel about lovesickness and ambivalence.

Commissioned as part of Radiophrenia’s two week long radio broadcasts, brought to you live from their studio at CCA Glasgow. Funded through Creative Scotland’s Open Project Funding.

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