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Live-to-Air: Ebizie & Richards/Barroso-Luque & Wennborg/Han

Sat 26 August 2023

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A an Afro-diasporic woman with silver eye shadow. She wears a sci-fi black top with silver tubes coiled around her torso

Photo credit Dimitri Djuric

Nwando Ebizie & Tom Richards – The Great Unravelling

Two artists come together and move apart - entangling themselves and their idiosyncratic polymathic practices (including Black Atlantic ritual cultures, minimalism, formalism, rave cultures, analogue synthesis and machine building, performance art, neurodivergent led sensory design, neurophenomenology) and unravelling again - revealing the core of a constantly expanding Venn diagram. A multisensory, psychedelic, polyrhythmic mythic feast of movement, light, poetry and sound unfolds and you are invited into this liminal space for a spiraling cyclic ritual.

Nwando Ebizie is a constellation point for a spectrum of multidisciplinary works that call for RADICAL change. She challenges her audience to question their perceived realities through art personas, experimental theatre, neuroscience, music and African diasporic ritualistic dance. Carving out her own particular strand of Afrofuturism, she combines research into the neuroscience of perception (inspired by her own neurodiversity) and an obsession with science fiction with a ritualistic live art practice.

Tom Richards is an artist, musician, DJ, researcher and instrument designer working in London UK. He is currently studying between Goldsmiths and the Science Museum for a practice led PhD on the life and work of Daphne Oram: electronic music pioneer, and founder member of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. His music has been described as 'ritualistic post techno' and takes influence from sources as diverse as minimalism, rave, polyrhythmic drumchoir music, industrial noise, and early electronic music technologies. His music is always live and always improvised.

Catalina Barroso-Luque & Feronia Wennborg - Blue Egg Lovechild

A narrative sound piece which imagines the creation of the world after lovers Day and Night accidentally break a small robin’s egg. The piece draws from research into creation myths, focusing on cycles of transformation and the imaginary landscapes in which these stories take place. The story’s environmental elements play the main characters in the work, with aural and vocal elements moving across four speakers to create highly sensory sonic environments which are equally salacious, wrathful and bright.

Catalina Barroso-Luque constructs narratives inhabited by voices, images, bodies and objects. She interweaves different mediums to create stories and spaces that oscillate between fantastic/real, character/texture. Recent work includes poetic retellings of myths related to fertility and death within sound, drawing and sculpture.

Feronia Wennborg works across sound, performance, installation and digital media. Her practice draws from points of intimacy to explore possibilities of reimagination. Working with material embedded in everyday life, Feronia applies processes of transcription, translation and digital transformation.

Han - Hospital Radio 2071

Hospital Radio 2071 is a longform radiophonic piece exploring the disintegration of the healthcare system, the body, and the planet. It draws from the current state of geriatric care, NHS staffing levels, transhumanism, degrowth, automation, biological data, and humility.

Han is a DJ, producer, performer, sound designer, healthcare worker, and ex-biomedical engineer based in Glasgow. She is a resident DJ at La Cheetah, runs Events Research Programme (a monthly subscription-based events series that focuses mostly on local experimental musicians), and edits radical healthcare magazine The Guts of It. She likes to make weird music about institutions, informed by her commitment to a political asceticism.

Commissioned as part of Radiophrenia’s two week long radio broadcasts, brought to you live from their studio at CCA Glasgow. Funded through Creative Scotland’s Open Project Funding.

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