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Adam Benmakhlouf, George Kypridemos, Taner Kemirtlek

Magenta Velour Glove

Thu 4 May 2023

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Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

A black and white drawing of 2 genderqueer people in an artist space. The drawing is textural and littered with objects.

Knitted, Adam Benmakhlouf

Magenta Velour Glove is the debut performance of a new script, slideshow of drawings and music suite. The twenty minute single scene tracks the lowkey vicious power plays between two people who are the sole attendees of a political meeting, and their curdling attempt to do community organising without a boss. The pessimism of the scripted dialogue is countered by the tender warmth of the collaboration that is unfolding between Adam, George and Taner before and during the performance, as they sensitively support one another throughout this multimedia experiment.

Adam Benmakhlouf
(they/them/theirs) is an artist, researcher and writer based across Dundee and Glasgow.

George Kypridemos
(they/them/theirs) is an improviser, pianist and researcher. Their research-practice revolves around the study of free improvisation as a domain of de-colonial work. Influenced by noise music and feminist practices in free improvisation, they approach the art-form as a fertile space for examining spatial power relations, and awakening embodied modes of ‘knowing’ that have become silenced by and within the systems of capitalism and colonialism.

Taner Kemirtlek
(he/him/his) is a pianist, composer, improviser, transcriber and teacher. He continues to draw interest from sound as a form of healing and therapy and deriving inspiration from ancient sources to reflect humanity’s eternal themes of Love and Death, vulnerability, loss and immortality through a queer spiritual lens.




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Wheelchair accessible

Tickets no longer available