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Quentin Lazzarotto

Man Ray and the Shakespearean Equations

Thu 5 May 2022

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English subtitling

Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

An image of a sculpture mimicing a mathematical equation.

Man Ray and the Shakespearean Equations

A UK Premiere of Quentin Lazzarotto's new film Man Ray and the Shakespearean Equations

Paris in the 1930s was in political, intellectual and artistic turmoil. Man Ray, a surreal photographer based in Montparnasse, discovers in a forgotten cupboard of the Sorbonne some curious geometric sculptures.These "mathematical models" shaped by science will inspire the artist with an astonishing photographic and pictorial work. As a good surrealist, he will sublimate these object-equations, and make them resonate with the myths of the greatest dramatic authors of all time.

This film questions mathematicians, artists, comedians, biographers, circus artists and historians on the work of Man Ray.

From Man Ray’s encounter with the mysterious world of mathematicians, one of the most important artistic series of surrealism emerges, "Shakespearean equations", combining science and poetry.

Quentin Lazzarotto

After studying film, Quentin Lazzarotto began his professional career at the IHP to combine two subjects that fascinated him, art and science.

He has directed numerous documentaries (Einstein and General Relativity, The Math Engraver, etc.) and short films (Carlito se va para siempre), selected in many festivals (Tribeca Film Festival, Pariscience, Encounters Bristol, BFI , etc.)


The Institute was founded in 1928, subsidiary of CNRS and Sorbonne University in Paris.

Located in the fifth arrondissement of Paris, the IHP is one of the oldest and most dynamic international structures dedicated to mathematics and theoretical physics.

Committed to disseminating knowledge and the scientific approach to the general public, the IHP produces documentaries around the sciences, celebrating personalities like Einstein or exploring the links that unite mathematics and the arts.




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English subtitling

Wheelchair accessible

Tickets no longer available

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70 mins, French with English subtitles