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Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival


Wed 4 October 2023

Tickets no longer available
Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Quiet room available

A person dressed in red, holding a placard with the words 'I care', in a Glasgow street, daytime.

Artist and activist Heather Marshall, photographed by Chris Scott

Manifesto – the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival’s opening event – is an ambitious, day-long happening that will explore the questions: What does a mental health revolution look like? And how do we start one? 

We’ve invited prominent artists and activists to deliver a series of creative provocations. The diverse line-up includes songwriting collective Hen Hoose, socio-political artist Heather Marshall, poet Imogen Stirling and musician Sonia Killmann, writer and performer Skye Loneragan, and art and science collective Traumascapes.

The theme of this year’s Festival – taking place across Scotland from 4 – 22 October 2023 – is ‘revolution’. In the midst of political and economic turbulence, the festival seeks to confront the impact of economic barriers and social inequality on our mental health, and ask ‘how we can do things differently?’.  

Join us at Manifesto and together we will create a collective statement and manifesto for social change. Don’t miss this inspiring and thought-provoking day of performances, live music, discussions, film screenings, participatory workshops and more. 

Some activities are free and drop-in and don’t need to be booked in advance. This includes artist Heather Marshall‘s interactive session She’s on the Roof for which she’ll invite audience members to develop a communal installation: a visual Manifesto of Care.

A quiet room will be available throughout the day in case you need to take some time out.

Please book your ticket for SMHAF's evening event Manifesto: Hen Hoose - Power Up (Wed 4 Oct, 7.30-9.30pm) separately.




Event Type




Talks & Events


Across CCA


10:30am — 9:30pm


14+ accompanied by an adult


Tickets: £15/£10/£5 (daytime events and evening event ticketed separately)


Wheelchair accessible

Quiet room available

Tickets no longer available