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Matchbox Cineclub & Pity Party Film Club Sing-along SAW / Scalarama Programme Launch

Sun 18 August 2019


Dare you sing SAW? Witness James Wan's horror classic spliced with live drag performances inspired by its goriest scenes, all to celebrate the launch of Scalarama's 2019 programme!

Matchbox Cineclub and Pity Party Film Club present Saw as you've never seen it before - ripped to shreds and reassembled with brand-new sing-along sections. Drag question Puke is the monster of ceremonies for this very special event, featuring a host of guest performers, which also marks the debut of Scalarama's 2019 full Scottish programme and brochure.

Scalarama is a DIY celebration of cinema that takes place every September. Inspired by the eclectic programming of the legendary Scala Cinema, groups and individuals with a passion for movies unite to celebrate cinema and encourage watching films together. With many 60+ events across Scotland, Scalarama 2019 showcases the best of independent film programming.

Tickets are priced on a sliding scale, £0-£12, depending on what you can afford. Register for a free ticket via email





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