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Matchbox Cineclub Valley Girl | CAGE-A-RAMA 2018

Sun 7 January 2018

Valley Girl

CAGE-A-RAMA 2018 day 2 opens with the root of all teen rom-coms and the birth of Nicolas Cage as we know and love him - Martha Coolidge’s totally tripendicular take on Romeo and Juliet, Valley Girl (1983)! This underseen and undervalued classic was the first time Nicolas Coppola ditched his given name, to take on his very first leading role.

A girl from the San Fernando Valley (Deborah Foreman) falls for a Hollywood punker (Nicolas Cage), much to the dismay of her socially-conscious friends. Will she decide to forgo popularity for true love.

Followed by Moonstruck (1987).

Valley Girl | CAGE-A-RAMA 2018 from Matchbox Cineclub on Vimeo.

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