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Matchbox Cineclub Weird Weekend | The Neon Slime Mixtape

Sat 31 August 2019

The Neon Slime Mixtape 800 ke3l

A hallucinogenic compilation that celebrates gore-soaked, gloop-drenched, direct-to-video genre anarchy from the 1980s and 90s. Coked-out demons! Penis violence! Barbie dolls that kill! Featuring digest versions of Bleeding Skull!'s favourite DIY slimers, ultra-rare trailers, and unseen clips from beyond the otherverse, The Neon Slime Mixtape will rip off your head and blast your spirit through the cosmos - and that’s only the first 15 minutes.

The American Genre Film Archive’s latest collaboration with Bleeding Skull really needs no further introduction - as they themselves say, IT'S EXACTLY WHAT YOU THINK IT IS - but we're extremely proud to present the UK premiere of this masterwork to close day one of Weird Weekend 2019.

The Neon Slime Mixtape (Joe Ziemba, 2019) 1hr 12m UK Premiere
This screening will be captioned for the deaf and hard of hearing


Screening as part of Matchbox Cineclub's Weird Weekend. Thanks to AGFA.

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10:45pm, Free/£2/£4/£6/£8 via Matchbox Cineclub (Weekend Pass £40), Courtyard
Book Online / 0141 352 4900