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The CineSkinny Film Club

Medusa Deluxe

Wed 7 June 2023

Tickets no longer available
Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

A hair model is having her hair styled in an elaborate way, with rainbow colours and a huge beehive by a hairdresser.

Still from Medusa Deluxe courtesy of MUBI

The CineSkinny are teaming up again with MUBI to host a free preview of the most original British film this year: Thomas Hardiman's ingenious Medusa Deluxe.

It’s a murder mystery with a delicious hook. This bold, camp and utterly unique film is set in real-time at a regional hairdressing competition and is shot by genius director of photography Robbie Ryan to look like one continuous take. The result is a film that's both a stylish whodunnit and a fascinating look at the bitchy underbelly of competitive hairdressing.

The film opens with the controversial Mosca being found dead backstage at the competition, with his scalp removed. We then follow the competition's stylists and models in the aftermath of the news as they muse on who the killer could be and the various motives of each character.

Bitter grudges and rivalries are unearthed as the camera follows the action in a single take, snaking along the corridors and through the dressing rooms of the building in which the competition is taking place. With Ryan's bravura cinematography, pulsating electronic score by Koreless and dazzling hair designs by renowned stylist Eugene Souleiman, this is definitely one you want to see on the big screen.

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Wheelchair accessible

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