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Common Ground Festival

Memories of Movement

Thu 20 June — Sat 22 June 2024

Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

A wood & leather hand drum, suspended from the ceiling. A speaker is attached to the drum-skin.

Image credit Adam Stearns

Common Ground Festival is hosting St. Alberts Primary School Turner Prize winners 2023, and their sonic art exhibition “Memories of Movement”. The exhibition explores migration, diversity and community and celebrates heritage through an interaction with sound and place. An array of objects documenting the students’ individual stories of movement hang from the ceiling, creating an immersive audio-visual environment that embraces and honours multiculturalism. These objects are transformed into hanging speakers, broadcasting sounds recorded or selected by the students, capturing their personal and family histories. The transformed artefacts act as sonic portals, giving the objects a voice to narrate stories of migration and cultural heritage that reflect the unique journeys of those who contributed to the exhibition, weaving a collective tale of movement.


Join us for an opening at 5.30pm on 20 June 2024, as part of the Common Ground Festival Launch Event

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Thursday 20 June: Opening 5.30 - 10pm
Friday 21 June 11am - 6pm
Saturday 22 June 11am - 6pm


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Wheelchair accessible

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