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Present Futures

Mercury Retrograde

Sat 24 June 2023

Tickets no longer available
Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

A drag performer with white face paint, a newspaper patterned suit, long green & black lashes crouched in a dark field.

Image Credit: @ YvesdeOrestis

Duration: 45 mins & Post Show Discussion with Colette Sadler.

Mercury Retrograde is a performance that gives body, voice and gesture to a fanzine publication composed of intimate memories and fictional stories. We enter a media universe where several characters appear including Tünæ Xpress, a drag queen astrologer, who comes to disturb the truth of the present moment.
What is it real?

Through Mercury Retrograde, Matthieu Blond explores a new side of his research on performed publications. After Journal, a performed magazine, it is here a Fanzine which takes voice, gestures and actions with a much more intimate tone. This performance plays with the codes of theatre and edition. This diversity of moment comes to question the notion of the theatrical present. The character of Drag Queen, Tünae Xpress, a budding astrologer, comes to punctuate the piece by regularly making astral predictions and by coming to sow confusion in the scenic truth.

Performer : Matthieu Blond
Music : Aude van Wyller
Assistant : Maxime Bonnin
Production : Maison M.A.B.
Support : Setu Festival, RING - Scène Périphérique, Les Bazis

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9:00pm — 9:45pm


14+ accompanied by an adult


Tickets: £6/£10/£12


Wheelchair accessible

Tickets no longer available