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Mewantemooseicday 2019

Fri 1 November 2019

Mewantemooseicday 2019

Mewantemooseicday 2019 is a city-wide celebration of John Cage and Merce Cunningham with events taking place across Glasgow all day on 1 November.

Mewantemooseicday 2019 celebrates John Cage and Merce Cunningham’s spirit of collaboration, the emphasis they put on teaching, and the importance they placed on nurturing contemporary art and culture. It is inspired by and marks the 50th anniversary of Mewantemooseicday, which Cage staged at the University of California at Davis at the conclusion of his teaching residency there and is also part of this year’s Merce Cunningham Centennial Celebration.

Events at venues across Glasgow will include performances of works by Cage, Cunningham, and Satie, new works by students and faculty of the University of Glasgow, The Glasgow School of Art, and Glasgow Clyde College, readings and lectures, and mushroom forays.

Mewantemooseicday 2019 was devised and developed by Cage specialist Victoria Miguel, in collaboration with the University of Glasgow, The Glasgow School of Art, and Glasgow Clyde College. It is presented as part of the Merce Cunningham Centennial Celebration.

The organisers wish to thank the Merce Cunningham Trust for their support of the development of Mewantemooseicday 2019 and the teaching of the Cunningham technique, the University of Glasgow’s Chancellor’s Fund, the Production Fund of Dance Studio Scotland at Glasgow Clyde College and The Glasgow School of Art’s Sustainability Fund and Fine Art Friday Lecture Series as well as the Chris Stewart Group and Innis and Gunn for their support. They would also like to thank the School of Computer Science at the University of St Andrews. Events at the University of Glasgow are presented as part of the School of Culture and Creative Arts’ 2019/20 season on the theme ‘Material/Immaterial’. The organisers are enormously grateful for the continued support of Laura Kuhn and the John Cage Trust throughout this project.

John Cage’s Diary: How to Improve the World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse) (1965-1982)

Readings of all eight sections of Cage’s Diary. Each section will begin on the hour from 4pm until 11pm [durations vary but each part is approximately 45minutes]. Readers include, Laura Kuhn, the Director of the John Cage Trust, Dr Jane Goldman and Dr Colin Herd of The University of Glasgow, Lauren Dyer Amazeen, John Maxwell Hobbs, Keith Bruce of The Glasgow Herald, and Eddie McGuire who commissioned Cage’s Scottish Circus (1990). Organised by Victoria Miguel and supported by the University of Glasgow’s Chancellor’s Fund. For final performance listings of this and other Mewantemooseicday 2019 performances please visit:




4pm-12midnight, Free (unticketed), Clubroom
All ages