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MUJERES: Women in Film

Fri 4 March 2022

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SDH captioning

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Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Two Cape Verdean, dark-skinned women stand together. One woman has her hands placed on the other woman's shoulders.

Nha Mila

The most daring and colourful short films made by Spanish and Ibero-American women, MUJERES, is back!

For this 2022 edition CinemaAttic gathers gazes from Colombian, Peruvian, Mexican, Portuguese, Cape Verdean, Basque and Spanish female and non-binary directors.

Bringing the most radical female filmmakers from Latin American landscapes since 2016, our MUJERES programme returns this year with raw, visceral, brutal films as well as incredibly beautiful and poetic films. Sorority and intergenerational sisterhood is a core theme across our 2022 selection as we see grandmas, mothers and daughters helping (and in some cases silently destroying) each other.

For this edition, we have directors making fun of literally the whole universe and Western civilization, as well as directors showing the raw brutality in which humans interact with mother nature and fellow animals. On top of that, we abandon Western imagery to dive into the language of Peruvian Amazonia dreams and myths, or the memory of Cape Verdean migration diaspora.

Family dramas, surrealist animations, anti-colonisation sisterhood stories, gorgeous observational documentaries and indigenous Amazonian cosmovision - we have it all. Get ready for another superb rollercoasting short film programme!

Anyone narrowing down the female gaze to a softer, more delicate, warmer view of the world would be proven wrong after watching these films.

Our MUJERES 2022 selection includes perspectives of women challenging preconceived ideas around the female gaze. Horrible, surrealist, colourful, visceral and brutal, intimate and warm, make your way! Yet another top-notch selection of films. Here comes MUJERES 2022!

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SDH captioning

English subtitling

Wheelchair accessible

Tickets no longer available

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