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My Kahanni Filmmaking Workshop Interviewing

Thu 23 January 2020

My Kahanni

The workshop will emphasise the importance of interviewing while making films and videos. An emphasis will be placed on sharing good examples of interviews.

We will be teaching tips and tricks on how to conduct good interviews as well as share films that have interviews that relate to the themes and topics emphasised in this programme.

The ultimate goal is to research, conduct, film, and edit interviews of each other together.

Topics and Activities in this workshop include:
-Filming on your smartphone – general tips
-Interviewing – sharing examples & tips for filming good interviews
-Research exercise – coming up and posing questions for an interview
-Interviewing each other
-In-phone editing

Pizza and drinks provided!




6pm - 9pm, Free but ticketed via Eventbrite, Clubroom
Aimed at young people aged 12-25, from a South Asian or BME community, or interested to learn more.
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