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CANCELLED My Kahanni Filmmaking Workshop: On Camera Presentation

Sat 28 March 2020

Filmmaking Workshop

The workshop will emphasise the importance of on-camera presentation and media training. We will use the expertise of acclaimed actor, Atta Yaqub, to help participants understand the importance of good on-camera presentation, whether it is acting or presenting a news story,

Atta will give us his tips on being an actor and presenter for radio, tv, and films, allowing participants to learn practical knowledge which might inspire a career in film, tv, radio and beyond. Like the other workshops before this one, this workshop will not only touch on practical filmmaking tips, it will also reflect on the themes of this project.

Ultimate goal: to take away a filmed video of them being on camera and presenting a particular subject or news story, hosting a podcast, or interviewing someone on-camera.

Topics and Activities in this workshop include:

-Filming on your smartphone – general tips
-Presentation – sharing examples & tips for filming good on-camera hosting and presentation
-Research exercise
-Filming each other presenting a story from their research
-In-phone editing

Pizza and drinks provided!




4.30pm - 7pm, Free but ticketed via Eventbrite, Clubroom / Aimed at young people aged 12-25, from a South Asian or BME community, or interested to learn more.
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