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My Own Private Idaho | KeanuCon

Sat 27 April 2019

My Own Private Idaho

My Own Private Idaho (Gus Van Sant, 1991) 1hr 44m (15)

Mike Waters (River Phoenix) is a sensitive narcoleptic who dreams of the mother who abandoned him. Scott Favor (Keanu Reeves) is wayward son of the mayor of Portland and the object of Mike's desire. Navigating a volatile world of junkies, thieves and johns, Mike takes Scott on a quest from the grungy streets to the open highways to the Pacific Northwest in search of an elusive place called 'home'.

Gus Van Sant's haunting tale of two young street hustlers is a stirring look at unrequited love and life at society's margins.

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2:15pm, £6, Cinema
15+ / F-rated
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