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Sat 12 February 2022

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SDH captioning

Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

A drawing of two men’s heads, kissing each other, against a bright green background with iridescent abstract shapes.


OTRO AMOR (ANOTHER LOVE), a programme of shorts for a diverse and colourful Valentine’s.

OTRO AMOR (ANOTHER LOVE), a programme of shorts for a diverse and colourful Valentine’s. Once again, CinemaAttic has brought together a first-class selection of Ibero-American short films dealing with love and desire, as well as ""down with love"" stories, with themes spanning from the basic human need to be touched (and loved) to trauma and grief.

We have gathered superb films from Panama, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, and the US which have already been showed with love at major festivals like the Berlinale, IDFA, Tallinn Black Nights, Sitges, and Morelia. Make sure you don’t miss out on this Valentine’s treat, where we have also snuck in some Goya-nominated shorts and the winner of the prestigious Pardo di Domani Award in Locarno Film Festival!

Blind love, foolish love, broken hearts, first dates, and the lasting effects of toxic love, as well as the external and internal barriers that LGBTQ+ couples still encounter in their pursuit of love. There is young love and romance at an older age. A 360-degree journey to the core of emotions, to the heights where love can take us in our lives, and to the hell that relationships can become.

An adorable octogenarian femme fatale in the mountains of Mexico, the elemental clash between love and freedom under a despotic husband in Panama, a Jewish couple fighting against a government that refuses to recognize their marriage, a platonic love while on holiday in times of Covid-19 and social distancing… We can guarantee nothing but a night of superb cinema exploring - in the most original and empathic ways - how humans seek love and belonging.

Welcome once again to OTRO AMOR!

Access and Content Warnings

MikvehContains flashing lights & imagery.N/C 12+
LovebirdsContains flashing lights.N/C 12+
MindanaoContains strong language. Depiction of drug use.N/C 16+
CriaturaContains flashing lights. Depiction of blood.N/C 16+
A Love Song in Spanish.Depiction
of fire, nudity, police brutality, animal abuse. Discussion of military
violence, torture, domestic abuse, trauma & PTSD.
N/C 16+
SerranillaContains flashing lights & imagery. Discussion of death.N/C 12+

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SDH captioning

Wheelchair accessible

Tickets no longer available

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