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The Village Storytelling Festival

Paper Rainbows

Wed 6 July 2022

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Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Two black paper cut outs of silhouettes of two women with braids. These are pasted on rainbows made from woven fabric

Image credit: Debbie Montgomery

The Village Young Storytellers | Colin White | Debbie Montgomery | Genna Allan

This is a story, just one. But it’s told from two (very different!) points of view…

Isn’t it funny how two friends, standing side by side, can share the exact same experience, but each comes away with their own unique collection of feelings, observations and memories?

Paper Rainbows, told through beautiful shadow puppetry and magical soundscapes, is a multi-POV story of friendship and connection, exploring the transformative power of seeing things through different eyes.

Devised and performed by Village Young Storytellers, a collective of artists aged 13-16 who meet weekly in Pollok to create, learn about and shape the landscape of contemporary storytelling. With direction and support from Colin White (Village Storytelling Centre), Debbie Montgomery and Genna Allan (Associate Artists).

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Wheelchair accessible

Tickets no longer available