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Penny Chivas | Embodied Movement

Sat 11 May 2019

Embodied Movement

Embodied Movement is a series of mini-workshops, each exploring different approaches to being and moving with a sense that we can all find ways to enjoy moving in an authentic manner.

Within this two hour session expect to be guided into noticing subtle movement habits and sensations, playing with these qualities to find authentic ways of moving and dancing. We will work with guided touch to highlight particular areas.

Penny's own movement background lies in practices as varied as dance, yoga and Capoeira, but she has always been drawn to work that requires a sense of deep listening to the body and from this place has spent many years investigating contact improvisation, varying somatic practices and the Axis Syllabus.




5pm, £12 (£9) on the door, Clubroom
0141 352 4900